Blog ass numero 8

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

Wanting to connect is natural and the excitement of sharing and receiving important news from friends and family.

2. Follow, add, friend: ADD ME

I prefer to only add friends I personally know, when adding people I do not personally know I am cautious and check for similar friends and ask before adding always.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: BE SAFE

I post personally information and generals about my location and family. I agree that too much information can be dangerous and irresponsible.

4. Signal to noise: Its all good

I exercise my posts at my own discretion and I equally respect others posts and try to only collaborate positively.

5. Personal data and sharing: Common Grounds

Social media has been a great organizer for several clubs and activities I have participated in. For the most part I just associate with friends and family but on occasion groups and similar interests are a key part to my social media.

6. My networking needs and uses: Facebook is my boo

I am not too interested in expanded my current social media network much farther in twitter and prefer to connect and interact online using Facebook.

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Digital Dirt

Posting things on the internet is not a new phenomenon to most however even to those who have been posting information and pictures and other personal items on the web some do not post responsibly. Whether the information is private or what the poster believes to be private some information and items posted are plainly inappropriate for the internet. Some examples include posting your home address or posting revealing pictures or just pictures that are not appropriate for your work school or distant friends. It is not uncommon for pictures of individuals to be posted publicly either via facebook, myspace or another social networking site that may be considered offensive or even get the individual who posts these pictures in trouble at work or at school and even with the law. In Peachtree City where I am from there is an entire department of the police station devoted to monitoring social networking sites and preventing cyber crime and crimes related to the internet. My advice to those who choose to use the power of the internet and social networking sites to post personal information and pictures is to post wisely and consider what you say and what you show and always consider that anyone could be looking at your posts. This includes professors family your boss and maybe people you do not even know. To keep yourself safe and to prevent your information from leaking to other people you should always set your profiles to be protected and to always make sure you actually know the person you accept to be able to view your profiles and their contents.

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Blog Post #3 Review Blog

Blog Review/ Blog Post #3

Project Natal

The first blog I reviewed was on the Xbox 360 Natal project, which is a new attachment for Microsoft’s powerful entertainment platform the 360. The Natal allows for a new form of controller less  game play and facial recognition technology never before used in gaming. I have worked personally on part of a marketing plan to let the public discover the Natal project in the form of a traveling display truck that unfolds into four areas of play including two close up Natal platforms , which may still utilize a controller, and the more advanced and more fully body movement Natal systems.

Apple’s iPad is a touch of genius

The second blog I reviewed is a site that reviews and researches a product that apple recently released: The iPad. The ipad or seemingly next baby step in apples plot for technological domination of electronics entertainment is what appears and functions only as a giant version of the currently released itouch. The ipad does offer a revolutionary idea for the display of what breaks down to be a glorified internet browser and marketplace for apples glorified apps. The blog in less than three  days has accumulated almost three hundred comments and most are disputes over alleged problems or concerns with apples new ipad device.

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Blog Post #4 Twitter

Blog Post #4 Twitter Blog Post

My experience with twitter was a completely new experience. Before this class I had never used twitter or explored its interface.  At first I was just somewhat confused on the replies and what was between single users broadcasted to everyone versus a message from one tweeter to another. Once I became more familiar with the interface and watched the tutorial video provided on the website it all came together and I was able to decide on roughly 20 in my opinion interesting tweets.  I did find it interesting how quickly people I was not completely sure I knew where following and interacting with my tweets. I also encountered some users I was not convinced were human users.  Twitter in contrast with other social networking sites seemed to be on a level playing field with other sites as far as spam’s or non-human users whether for marketing or a monetary commitment or endorsement.  Twitter definitely offers  a unique and refreshing 140 character glance into another person’s life and opinions. Even after completing my assigned tweets and retweets I still went back to using my Facebook, which is still choice in my opinion for sharing information that I want my friends to know about my day to day activities.

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Podcast Review

Tommy Lau’s Podcast Review:

I reviewed three individual podcasts to be at an acceptable level for the time requirement all three of the podcasts where from the same website called “”  with their podcast titled “StuffYouShouldKnow.” The name I find to be clever and attractive.

Podcast notes:

“How Bounty Hunters Work”- 22:59

Catchy intro and outro tune

Follows up on a two part series in the podcast.

It is an answered question and research conducted on a listeners fan mail.

First established that many cases of a bounty hunter is usually referred to as a bail enforcement agent and are usually paid now by bail companies.

Are more historically thought of and played as an old west theme “Wanted” poster, Now however dead or alive is not useful in court,

Now however one of the rules of better bounty hunting is to bring fugitives in with the least physical contact because some law enforcement offices will not accept them if they are roughed up.

Some bail companies and the director of national enforcement industry is quoted and has a confirmed twenty thousand private arrests.. and mentioned a theme called Adrenadollars.. coined for the thrill or rush associated with capturing fugitives and carrying weapons.

Explains the risk of contracting the use and service of a bails bondsman and the consequences of skipping court date while the bails bondsman is on the hook for you.

“How Kleptomania Works”-25:23

Consider comparison to podcasts to spoken blogs…

Kleptomania does not technically exist as a disease and is considered more like that of obsessive behavior like gambling of pyromaniacs.

Like many things with studies with the brain and brain related disorder is hard to understand and it is also quoted as difficult to find kleptomaniacs to study…

surprisingly only 5 percent of all clinical kleptomaniacs admit to being kleptomaniacs.

Covert Sensitization: a form of therapy that when a subject has thoughts of random stealing they are trained to visualize the consequences. ( assumed common sense)

There is a pain theory and also a relaxation theory

Podcast includes a catchy little tune at the opening and ending, it tends to help warm up your mind to listen and absorb the information as academic and entertaining.

“What is a Hangover, Really?” – 31:46

First-immediate point of the necessity of being 21 years of age and drinking both legally and responsibly

the podcast then tells both of research and personal experience relating a both entertaining and enlighten facts and stories on “Hangovers”

discuss that Visalia is the official word for a Norwegian/ Greek word that discus’s hangovers.

They also mention a bible quote discussing possible mention to a hangover.

They also mention the common symptoms that portray a “Hangover”

They go over certain drinking  slang terms such as : “Breaking the Seal”, and the science behind it and why it is reality. Including the specific brain functions that explains the physiology of drunken urination.

Explains the risk of dehydration and causes of headaches and brain shrinkage..

Ga Southern had a drink till you pee for free mentioned in the podcast…

Discusses the shakes and the subjectiveness of “hangovers” and their dangers.

Natural stimulant that is found in heavy alcohol consumption and when you try to sleep alcohol prevents sleep and causes restlessness the day after heavy drinking..

both commentators are well researched in their topics and offer a valid and varied opinion to both views of alcohol consumption.

“Beer before Liquor never sicker” addressed..(contested)

“vomiting while drunk” addressed and looked at psychologically.

Hangover Cures and Myths

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Blog Post #1 ::My Comment for post #1

10. lautommyJanuary 19, 2010

The first week of school this semester was no different than the first week of school any semester: It started too soon, too early, and leaves me only wanting to be back on break. I have learned so far this semester that English 1102 is not going to be any easier than 1101. I was surprised when my Fye class was scheduled to be in a classroom and I ended up watching the class online and listening to my professor over a cell phone. This semester I want to know more about my major and not so much core curriculum.

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Interesting Facts about the Great Tommy Lau(generic About Me)

I am a freshman Business major at Georgia Southern University, currently starting this blog in collaboration with Barbara Nixon’s FYE Class.  I graduate from McIntosh High School in Fayette county Ga, only a nice Three and a Half hour drive from there to Statesboro: while following all state and local traffic laws. I generally relax with a close group of friends and enjoy my time not blogging or doing school in a mellow relaxed environment with music playing.

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